zaterdag 25 november 2017

Happy Hour: Wood Dude

The end of the month is near and that means Happy Hour is here: time to build your own perfect cocktail of papers, elements, alphas, templates and more. These colors made me think of my nephew. He is a real 'Wood Dude'. He loves to go into the forest and explore all the little things, creating little big adventures for himself.
Wood Dude comes with an alpha pack (3 full alphas), basic elements, themed elements, papers, solids and wood papers. And the best part? Each pack is available for only $1 until December 1!

Re-releases: Christmas Boy & Christmas Girl

The kids love Christmas and winter time: decorating the tree, waiting for Santa to arrive, catching snowflakes and playing in the snow. It's just one jolly time of the year. So don't forget to capture those happy faces and scrap the memories!
Both kits have the same sort of papers, elements and alphas. The Christmas Boy kit comes in cool blues. If you prefer pink-and-purple, you get the Christmas Girl kit. And because both kits contain some colors from the other kit, you can combine them as well.

Soul Cake: Collab with Sugar Moon Designs

A soul cake, a soul cake, please good missus, a soul cake. An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry, any good thing that makes us all merry.
When we started this collab kit, we were inspired by the song Soul Cake which we found on a Christmas album by Sting. It's about kids going 'soul caking', a kind of early days trick-or-teating. This was probably done around November 2nd (known as All Souls Day), but might be done more towards Christmas as well. We made it more Christmas-ish, so it can be used for those pics, but also for photos of Christmas carolers or a choir. Soul Cake is a collaboration kit between Sugar Moon Designs and Designs by Romajo.

vrijdag 24 november 2017

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday! Time to save money. And my PDW shop is 60% off through , the biggest sale of the year! Happy shopping.

zaterdag 18 november 2017

It To Me Templates

Today I am bringing you 3 template sets. Each sets features a different fastener: clips, paperclips or tape. Each set is available as a single pack, but if you want them all (and want to save money), you can also get the bundle.
Each template set comes with stacked photos. Added to this photo stacking are funky shadows on a seperate layer. The paper stacking has no shadows and there are no elements added either, to leave room for your own creativity.
So which one do you pick? Clip It To Me Templates, Stick It To Me Templates, Stack It To Me Templates or the It To Me Templates Bundle? Your choice, but I'm sure you can put them to good use. They scrap so easy!

zaterdag 11 november 2017

Near The Hearth

During autumn and winter the days are shorter, the evenings longer and the temperatures are lower. Time to burn a fire in the hearth. Also a time to make yourself comfortable on the couch or in a chair with your favorite book, a nice warm drink and a cozy blanket. Near The Hearth is inspired by a Celtic song I once heard about a turf fire in the hearth. It gave me that warm comfortable feeling of being loved and also of those long winter evenings where you gather around the fireplace.
Besides the full kit, I also created this extra paper set with Comfy and Wood Papers. Perfect to add that extra touch to your pages and contains 8 fabric solids, 8 wood solids and 8 painted wood papers.

Waiting For Mr. Postman now bundled

Does this kit look familiar? Quite possible, because the single packs were added to last month's Happy Hour. Waiting For Mr. Postman is now bundled as a full kit. The full kit contains the alphas, the basic elements, the themed elements and the papers. All single packs are still available too, so you can now get the full kit, plus the 2 paper add-on packs.

zondag 5 november 2017

Sunday Specials

It's the first Sunday of the new month and that means: Sunday Special Deals! This month I added the Happy Hour packs fom last month back to $1 again. So if you still want some of th Family Gathering packs for a very low price, you have to be quick. This deal only lasts TODAY!

zaterdag 4 november 2017

November Rain (re-release)

Since it's November I thought re-releasing this kit was appropriate. November Rain is all about those rainy and stormy days. Not only the weather can be cold and dreary, your personal life can be rough and stormy too. We all have those days where you want to stay in bed the whole day. But wouldn't be better to get outside, take some photos and scrap them? Scrap therapy at it's best!

woensdag 1 november 2017

Featured Designer at DST
Freebie: Life's Symphony

Finally, I am allowed to tell the exciting news! I AM THE FEATURED DESIGNER AT DST!!! Sorry, just had to scream it out! I was asked in July if I wanted to be featured on their site during November. Well, of course I would love to be! For their Gold members I made this full kit, Life's Symphony. If you aren't a Gold Member yet, you can always become one (even for just one day, if you only want to download my kit. Or subscribe for a full year, so you get 12 kits for one low price). So make sure you head over to DigiShopTalk and check it all out. During the month there will be an interview posted as well, so you get to know me a little better.
Of course I understand if you don't want to subscribe as a Gold member, so I decided to create a small add-on and offer that as a freebie.
You can download the elements here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my Facebook page, while the ombre papers are on my fan page.
The alpha is available for those who receive my newsletters. If you aren't subscribed yet, you can do so here and the alpha will arrive in your inbox on Saturdays during November.

Last day for Happy Hour!

Do you know that feeling that you hardly can wait for the postman to come to your house? Waiting for a letter from your pen pal, a special delivery or parcel? Now you can scrap these moments. And don't forget about writing (or receiving) any love letters. Even in this time with social media and e-mail, we can still get excited about Mr. Postman to arrive.
Waiting For Mr. Postman is all about that feeling, but it is also perfect for scrapping about your stamps collection or sending mail. And with the basic elements you can do so much more than only mail related pages. These packs are part of October's Happy Hour at Plain Digital Wrapper. And that means that each pack is available for only $1 until November 1st! Oh, wait, that is TODAY!! So you better be quick if you don't want to miss out on this deal!

Pampered Pups: Highland Winter bloghop

A new month means a new bloghop for the Pampered Pups designers. Since it's November we are heading to winter at full speed (at least on the Northern Hemisphere we are). And the Scottish Highlands are on the Northern Hemisphere. I added a few extra colors plus a gold foil to the palette to give it a Celtic touch. Enjoy your minikit!
You can download the elements here and here. Make sure you download both!
The papers can be found on my Facebook page, while the solids are on my fan page.
And those who are signed up for my newsletter, will receive the alpha on Saturdays in their inbox throughout November. You can sign up here, if you aren't already.