dinsdag 19 september 2017

$2 Tuesday is here again!

It's Tuesday again, so it's time for another $2 Tuesday deal. And since autumn is approaching real quick, it's time to hold on to those summer memories. Maybe you finally have time to scrap those memories, now that the kids are back to school! Anyway, check my shop for these 4 kits. You can get them for $2, but only today (September 19)!

zaterdag 16 september 2017

Re-release #1: Autumn Wedding

The first re-release I have is a kit that once was inspired by my daughter's teacher's wedding. She married a few years ago in September. This Autumn Wedding kit is full of love and romance, perfect to scrap any wedding (not only those in fall) or love affair. Of course you can scrap so much more than only weddings and love with this kit.

Re-release #2: Corn Picking

And the second re-release I have is a kit all about the harvest of corn. September is the month it will happen near where I live. But this kit is also perfect to scrap your corn maze adventures, your kids running into the corn fields to get a cob or cobs on the grill. Corn Picking has great autumn colors, so it can be used for any nature pic you have.

dinsdag 12 september 2017

$2 Tuesday

It's Tuesday, time for another great deal. And since Summer is (almost) over, it's time to look back at all the memories you made. And what is better than scrapping with a new kit you got for a bargain? So check these kits out in my shop, they are available for $2 each, only TODAY (September 12)!

zaterdag 9 september 2017

Re-release: Last Ray of Summer

Summer is over here in Holland. The last few days we have had so much rain. But I know I shouldn't complain, because for those hit by Harvey or Irma our rain was just a little drop. My heart and thoughts go out to those who have to deal with this.
It also makes me wish to catch that Last Ray of Summer, so I could scrap with this re-release. It's perfect to scrap that last sigh of summer, where you can feel that autumn is near but the weather is still nice.

vrijdag 8 september 2017

DC34: World of Pandora

It's that time again: time to reveal the latest Designer Challenge. This month we got a theme: the newly opened part at Animal Kingdom, which is all about Pandora, the World of Avatar. I haven't been there (yet, who knows we'll make it one day) nor have I seen the movie Avatar, so I had to watch some movies on YouTube to get inspired. And it worked. I picked these colors from shots I found on the internet, created my own palette and worked on this feebie for you. It's all in Mickey style and I think you can use it for any Pandora pic you have, but also for anything at night.

You can download the flairs here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my Facebook page.
And the flowers are on my fan page.
And finally, you can find the alpha in my newsletter during September. You can sign up here if you aren't already!
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dinsdag 5 september 2017

$2 Tuesday: Mermaid Lagoon, the kit!

Surprise! Mermaid Lagoon, the kit, is now available for only $2 during $2 Tuesday! That means that you can get this kit TODAY (September 5th) for only $2! Be quick and get this while the sale is hot.

zondag 3 september 2017

Sunday Specials: Mermaid Lagoon single packs

It's the first Sunday of the month and that means: Sunday Specials. Since last week the new Happy Hour packs went live, I decided to add those packs from previous month. That means that all the Mermaid Lagoon single packs are available for only $1. But... only on Sunday September 3rd. Be quick, some of these packs will be taken down soon, plus this deal will never come back for these packs!

vrijdag 1 september 2017

Pampered Pups Blogtrain:
Potpourri (of Memories)

Can you believe it's a new month? Only 4 more months and the year is over... Time to look back at our own potpourri of memories we made this year. Ptpourri (of Memories) is also the theme of this new Pampered Pups Blogtrain. The colours made me think of those bowls with flower petals my mom used to have 30 years ago. Instead of spreading a nice fragrance it was only collecting dust... Anyway, these bowls inspired me to create this minikit.

You can download the the elements here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my Facebook page.
On my Fan Page you can find the solids.
And finally, the alpha will be shared through my newsletter. You can sign up here.