dinsdag 28 mei 2019

$2 Tuesday

Today it's $2 Tuesday again. This week I added 3 kits to celebrate May. Little Miss add-ons are $2 each, but only on Tuesday, May 28.

dinsdag 21 mei 2019

zaterdag 11 mei 2019

Happy Hour: Celebrating Mothers

She who gave birth to you and/or took care of you really needs to be celebrated on a special day. Mother's Day is the perfect moment to take a moment and stand still by all she did for you. Show her how much you care and how much you appreciate what she did and still does for you. Or, if she's not with you anymore, send a thought to her and she will notice (or maybe not, but at least your heart and mind know you spent that moment of appreciation).
Celebrating your mom can be done in so many ways: sending her flowers, bringing her a cup of tea, reading a book to her or giving her a nice gift. As long as you show your appreciation in any way, she will appreciate it anyhow, because she is your mother. Or maybe you can make her a special tribute by scrapping a lovely memory of you and her together. Celebrating Mothers might be the right kit for that.
Due to my vacation I wasn't able to finish the elements in time, they will come soon (or maybe only in the full kit). These packs are part of Happy Hour which means the paper pack and the alpha pack are each $1 until May 17.

dinsdag 7 mei 2019

maandag 6 mei 2019

zaterdag 4 mei 2019

Summer's End (re-release)

When the summer is at it's end there is a lazy feel to the days. The hot sun makes you want to lay down in the meadow during a bike ride. And even the butterflies seem to slow down a bit. It's a time to think about your summer and what you have done.
Summer's End comes in warm colors to catch the glow and tan in your photos. This minikit was released before a s a Pampered Pups freebie, so check your stash.

A Summer Story (re-release)

Every summer has a story. What is your's? Is it a story of going to the beach, relaxing near the pool or just having fun in the sun? Whatever it is, write it down before the memories are gone.
A Summer Story is perfect to scrap your adventures at the beach, in the pool or in nature. It has some tranquil colors of relaxation. Check you stash, because part of this was released before as a Pampered Pups freebie. It has some more papers and elements added.

vrijdag 3 mei 2019

Happy (i)NSD!
Sale and bloghop

Happy (inter)National Scrapbook Day!
To celebrate your favorite hobby, my complete shop is 50% off from May 3 till May 6. Happy shopping!
Oops, mommy, I made some art, now my handprints are on the wall. Has you kid ever told or showed you something like that? I guess most parents can relate to this happening. The kids very proud of what they made and you feeling angry and sad because you have to re-do the wall. Handprints On The Wall is my kit to go with the bloghop-freebie!
The Plain Digital Wrapper designers have a creative bloghop for you as well. Since I had to pre-post this early, I can't provide the complete bloghoplist, you better check that out on the PDW-blog.
You can download the minikit here on my blog. The alpha is my gift for those who receive the newsletter. Not subscribed yet? You can do so here. This freebie will be avaiable through May 2019.

woensdag 1 mei 2019

Pampered Pups Blogtrain:
May Showers

A new month, a new Pampered Pups Blogtrain. And this time we went with May showers and flowers, because without rain there wouldn't be any flowers. And without flowers there wouldn't be insects.
I made a minikit and have it split up in 4 pieces, as usual.
You can download the elements here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my facebook page, while the solids are available on my fan page.
The alpha is the newsletter gift during May 2019. You can sign up here if you aren't already and it will arrive straight in your inbox every Saturday.
Since I had to pre-post this early, due to my vacation, I can't provide the complete bloghop list. Probably I am the last stop anyway!