donderdag 31 maart 2016

Last day as Featured Designer!

 photo FeatDesAdklein_zpsz4sh2qtl.jpg
Today is the last of my month as Featured Designer at With Love Studio. So don't forget to make your final purchases while everything is 40%, 50% or even 75% off! These sales all will end tonight! You can find my shop here.
If you'd like to know more everything I had going on during my month, you should check this thread at the forum. You even might find some goodies waiting for you. But be quick, these freebies won't stay there too long!

zaterdag 26 maart 2016

#SpringFeelings: Easter Morning

Happy Easter to all!
 photo EM-Romajo-preview_zpsr36d4lmj.jpg
Omdat het morgen Pasen is, kan een kit daarover niet ontbreken in de #SpringFeelings serie. #SpringFeelings: Easter Morning gaat over alles voor de Paas ochtend: eieren zoeken, samen ontbijten, naar de kerk gaan en jonge dieren in de wei. En dat alles is te vinden in deze minikit. De kit bevat 27 papers, 35 elements en 1 complete alpha.
 photo EasterMorningAtTheChurchklein_zpstghsmalq.jpg
Because of Easter tomorrow, a kit about that should be added to my #SpringFeelings series. #SpringFeelings: Easter Morning is all about the the things you do on Easter morning: hunting for eggs, have breakfast together, going to the church and young animals in the meadow. And that's all you find in this minikit. The kit contains 27 papers, 35 elements and 1 full alpha.

Path Of Life: Fading Memories

 photo POL-FM-Romajo-preview_zpsftyrfvnx.jpg
Vandaag de vierde en laatste kit in de Path Of life serie. We naderen niet alleen het einde van mijn maand als featured designer, maar ook het eind van het levenspad. De herinneringen vervagen, we worden ouder (en wijzer), we verliezen steeds meer geliefde mensen om ons heen. Dit alles en meer kan gescrapt worden met deze laatste kit in the Path Of Life serie. Path Of Life: Fading Memories heeft een vintage feel en kleuren als oudroze, green en zand. De kit bevat 24 papers, 80 elements en 2 complete alphas. Perfect om al je herinneringen voorgoed vast te leggen.
 photo GoneTooSoonklein_zpswhot7a8m.jpg
Today I have the fourth and final kit in the Path Of Life series. We not only enter the end of my month as featured designer, we also come at the end of the path of life. The memories start to fade, we get older (and wiser), we are losing loved ones. This all and so much more can be scrapped with this last kit in the Path Of life series. Path Of Life: Fading Memories has a vintage feel and colors like old pink, green and sand. The kit contains 24 papers, 80 elements and 2 full alphas.
 photo SuitcaseFullOfMemoriesklein_zps2wced60i.jpg

vrijdag 25 maart 2016

Featured Designer Retirement Sale, week 4

 photo FeatDes2016RetSaleWeek4_zpsimnknvqo.jpg
This is the final week with retiring products. These 14 things are 75% off until March 31st and will be gone forever after that!
Wondering what packs will go? Just check out the links to the shop and find out about the amazing low prices! (A bundle for $1.75... that's a great deal, right?).
First I have the #FabFall: Owly You products. You can find the kit here, the brads here, the flairs here, the stickers here, the extra papers here and the bundle here.
Next is the Beyond The Stars series. You can find the kit here, the flairs here, the wordart here and the mini add-on here.
And I have 4 single products retiring as well. Most of these have been freebies, so you might want to check your stash! First is A Mother's Heart, second is Express Yourself (basic wordtags), third is Outdoor Fun and the last kit is Lalalalalalaa. Get them while the deal is hot and before they are gone!

zondag 20 maart 2016

Last day for Lovely Colors
Dreaming Of... Frolic

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Today is the last day to save on the Lovely Colors single packs. All single packs are available for $1 each, but that sale ends today! So if you'de like to scrap with my Dreaming Of... Frolic Alpha, Elements and/or Papers, now is the time to get them!
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zaterdag 19 maart 2016

#SpringFeelings: Earth Hour

 photo EH-Romajo-preview_zpsj5ruaunx.jpg
Vanavond om 20.30 uur is het tijd om de lampen uit te doen, een uur lang. Het is Earth Hour! Een uur om energie te besparen (en daarmee geld) en om aan de schoonheid van onze planeet te denken. Om Earth Hour te vieren en om te kunnen scrappen over alles wat de natuur en Moeder Aarde ons te bieden heeft, heb ik deze nieuwe kit in de #SpringFeelings serie gemaakt. #SpringFeelings: Earth Hour heeft naturel kleuren als groen, blauw en gijs. De kit bevat 18 papers, 55 elements en 1 complete alpha en is verkrijgbaar met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week!
 photo EHSaveTheWorldklein_zpsdud47psn.jpg
Tonight at 8.30 pm local time it's time to turn off the lights for 1 hour. It's Earth Hour! Just 1 hour to save energy (and money) and to think about the beauty of our planet. To celebrate Earth Hour and to scrap about everything nature and Mother Earth has to offer, I created this new kit in the #SpringFeelings series. #SpringFeelings: Earth Hour has natural colors like green, blue and grey. The kit contains 18 papers, 55 elements and 1 full alpha and is available with 50% discount during the first week!

Path Of Life: Love Encounters

 photo POL-LE-Romajo-preview_zpsqtggrcd3.jpg
Deze week in de Path Of Life serie gaat het over verliefd worden, het slagveld dat de liefde kan zijn, uit elkaar gaan en uiteindelijk trouwen. In warm rood, klassiek zwart en elegant wit is dit de volgende stap op het levenspad. Path Of Life: Love Encounters heeft 18 papers, 75 elements en 2 complete alphas. Natuurlijk de eerste week met 50% korting.
 photo LEMyOneAndOnlyklein_zpspleniggv.jpg
This week in the Path of Life series it's all about falling in love, the battlefield love can be, breaking up and finally getting married. In warm reds, classic blacks and elegant Whites is this the next step on the path of life. Path Of Life: Love Encounters has 18 papers, 75 papers and 2 full alphas. Of course it's available with 50% discount during the first week!
 photo POL-LE-Romajo-preview-freetitles_zpsw519t4t5.jpg
When you buy the kit, you get this exta title set for free! This is on top of all the wordstrips that are included in the kit already!

vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Featured Designer Retirement Sale, week 3

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This week, like the other weeks before, I am retiring 14 products again. And this week's products are all perfect for the start of Spring!
First there's the Lucky Spring kit, add-ons and bundle. That bundle is now available for only $2 with the 75% discount!
Second there's the Spring Beginnings kit and add-ons.
And last, but not least, I have Tequila Salsa kit and add-ons retiring as well (this one makes you long for summer nights and cocktails).
Enjoy the 75% discount, because next week they will be gone forever!

donderdag 17 maart 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
To celebrate with the Irish (and those Irish at heart) I have some fun things for you!
I have a small freebie for you: #SpringFeelings: Patrick's Surprise, a set with 15 stickers... for free!
You can download it here.
 photo PS-Romajo-preview_zpsu5qsuxod.jpg
And I have 2 kits (plus add-ons) on an extra special sale as well. All these products are 3x17=51% off... Today only!
First there's the Glory Of Luck kit. You can find it here in my shop.
 photo GOL-Romajo-preview-bundle_zpsuqo8sbmg.jpg
And second is the kit I made when I was featured designer in March 2015: March Of The Celts. There's a kit, several add-ons and a bundle. Just check it out on this page and on this page.
 photo MotC-Romajo-preview_zps1c0uj4rw.jpg
Remember: this special sale is only today, tomorrow these products are back to the Featured Designer sale (which is still 40% off).

woensdag 16 maart 2016

Featured Designer Challenge, week 3

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Have you been playing in the extra challenges I am hosting this month? If so you have earned some coupons to my shop already. If not, maybe this week you have time to play along!
This week I have a Super Speed Scrap Slowy Scrapped. That means that all 7 instructions were posted all at once, but you have a week to post your page. And the best part? All who play along get a coupon for $3 off any purchase of $7 or more (in April) and 1 Lucky winner will get a $5 coupon to spend in my shop! Just check it out at the WLS-forum!

dinsdag 15 maart 2016

Dreaming of... Frolic

 photo newsletterpreview_zpsdxfhmclf.jpg
De nieuwe Lovely Colors zijn er! In allerlei schattige lente kleurtjes die mij deden denken aan lammetjes in de wei en dartele jonge hondjes. Het thema voor mijn packs was dan ook snel bedacht: Dreaming of... Frolic. Deze maand heb ik een alpha pack, een elements pack en een paper pack. Allemaal verkrijgbaar voor maar $1 tot en met 20 maart!
 photo DOFFrolicTimeklein_zps0iqhtcnw.jpg
The new Lovely Colors have arrived! In all sorts of cute spring colors that made me think of lambs in the meadow and frolic young dogs. The theme for my packs was there: Dreaming of... Frolic. This month I have an alpha pack, an elements pack and a paper pack available. All available for only $1 until March 20!

zaterdag 12 maart 2016

Dreaming Of... You

Afgelopen week was de laatste mogelijkheid om de single packs van de Lovely Colors van februari te kopen. Alle losse packs zijn nu samen gebundeld in 1 volledige kit met 15 papers, 55 elements en 1 complete alpha. Gelukkig is Dreaming Of You deze week ook met 50% korting verkrijgbaar!
 photo DOY-Romajo-preview_zpstxckqnah.jpg
Last week you had the last chance to get the single pack of February's Lovely Colors. All single packs are now bundled into 1 full kit with 15 papers, 55 elements and 1 full alpha. Luckily, Dreaming Of You is this week available with 50% discount.
 photo DOY-SweetOnYouklein_zps5vhgtexz.jpg
 photo DOY-MyEverythingklein_zpsnb8mvjbl.jpg
 photo DOY-WildAboutYouklein_zpspjhved3z.jpg
Want a sneak peek of the new Lovely Colors coming on Tuesday, March 15? Here it is, doesn't it look cute?
 photo DOF-sneakpeek_zpsku2aioyc.jpg

March 2016 Template Pack

 photo MTP-Romajo-preview_zpsoar8ljkp.jpg
Deze week heb ik ook weer een nieuw template pack in mijn shop. March 2016 Template Pack bevat 4 templates in psd, tiff, png en page files. De achtergrond is opgedeeld in tweeën en er zijn minstens 2 fotoplekken. Natuurlijk zijn er geen schaduwen of elements toegevoegd, zodat er veel ruimte voor eigen creativiteit blijft.
 photo Temp-ChooseYourOwnPathklein_zpsjazoso9i.jpg
This week I also have a new template pack going into my shop. March 2016 Template Pack contains 4 templates in psd, tiff, png and page files. The background is devided in two and there are at least 2 photospots. Of course I didn't add shadows nor elements to leave a lot of room for your own creativity.

Path Of Life: Growing Pains

 photo POL-GP-Romajo-preview_zpsehmtz01v.jpg
Inmiddels zijn we al in de tweede week van maart. En dus is het tijd om de tweede kit in mijn featured designer serie te tonen. Deze week gaat de kit over opgroeien, naar school gaan, je diploma halen, leren fietsen, vliegeren, rondhangen met je vrienden, selfies maken en ontdekken dat volwassen worden helemaal niet zo makkelijk blijkt te zijn. Path Of Life: Growing Pains heeft groene, paarse en zandkleuren en is bruikbaar voor zowel jongens als meiden, voor school gaande kinderen en tieners, voor school en voor verjaardagen en nog zoveel meer. Perfect voor de volgende staap op weg naar volwassenheid.
 photo GP-ChooseToBeYouklein_zpsofznuvl6.jpg
Right now we are in the second week of March. And that makes it time to reveal the second kit in my featured designer series. This week the kit is all about growing up, go to school, graduate, learn te ride the bike, fly a kite, hanging around with friends, taking selfies and finding out that becoming an adult isn't easy at all. Path Of Life: Growing Pains has green, purple and sand colors and can be used for both boys and girls, for kids going to school and teenagers, for school days en birthdays and so much more. Perfect for the next step towards adulthood.
 photo Temp-ChooseYourOwnPathklein_zpsjazoso9i.jpg

vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Featured Designer Retirement Sale, week 2

 photo FeatDes2016RetSaleWeek2_zpsm5vojzlp.jpg
This week I have 14 retiring products as well.
First of all is there Color Fawn. This was one of the first kits I added to my WLS shop, it moved with me from my personal store. You can find the kit, paper packs and flair pack on this page in my store.
Next is the Robin Home kit and paper pack. This is a kit that moved with me as well. You can find the paper pack here and the kit here.
And finally I am also retiring the kit, add-ons and bundle of #FabFall: Playful Squirrels. You can find the kit here and the add-ons are on this page. And with the 75% discout the bundle now only costs $1.75!

donderdag 10 maart 2016

woensdag 9 maart 2016

Featured Designer Challenge, week 2

 photo FeatDesAdklein_zpsz4sh2qtl.jpg
Today I posted a new challenge at the WLS forum. All you have to do is take a look in the Designs by Romajo gallery, pick your favorite layout and scraplift it. If you've done that you can win a $5 coupon to my shop, but you get a coupon for $2 off any purchase of $5 or more. Can't wait to see what page you pick for your scraplift!

maandag 7 maart 2016

Dreaming Of You... final week sale!

 photo DOYSaleklein_zpshozuavkz.jpg
Soon there will be the new Lovely Colors go into the shop at With Love Studio. So the packs I made in February will be bubdled into 1 kit. But... in case you missed the Lovely Colors sale the first week, you now have a chance to get my packs for $1 each! From today till Thusrday, each single Dreaming Of You pack is available for $1. After that, you can only get Dreaming Of You as a full kit (releasing on March 11th).

zaterdag 5 maart 2016

#SpringFeelings: Swing Into Spring

 photo SIS-Romajo-preview_zpsohfxuidr.jpg
Gisteren was al de onthulling van de freebie die ik gemaakt had voor de 25ste Designer Challenge van MouseScrappers (kijk hier). Vandaag heb ik de volledige kit! Het is tevens de eerste kit in de #SpringFeelings serie. #SpringFeelings: Swing Into Spring gaat over de vreugde die de lente brengt: bloemen, jongen dieren, fluitende vogels. Ik heb zin om de lente tegemoet te dansen.
 photo SwingIntoSpringklein_zpsnxznkpxl.jpg
Yesterday was the reveal of freebie I made for the 25th Designer Challenge at MouseScrappers (look here). Today I have the full kit! It's also the first kit in the new #SpringFeelings series. #SpringFeelings: Swing Into Spring is all about the joy spring is bringing: flowers, young animals, twittering birds. At least I am ready to swing into spring.

First Featured Designer kit:
Path Of Life: New Beginnings

 photo POL-NB-Romajo-preview_zps8rizqdqd.jpg
Als featured designer is het normaal om een speciale kit te hebben. Ik doe het net even anders, ik maak er een hele serie van: Path Of Life. Geïnspireerd op de levensweg die we allemaal bewandelen, maak ik 4 kits met telkens een nieuwe fase van het leven. Deze week begin ik met het nieuwe begin van een leven samen. Path Of Life: New Beginnings gaat over baby's, of ze nu onder je hart zijn gegroeid, of alleen in je hart (ja, ook aan de adoptie optie is gedacht). Door de zachte blauwe, paarse, roze en gele tinten is de kit geschikt voor zowel jongens als meisjes. Laat het leven samen maar beginnen, de kit is nu met 50% korting verkrijgbaar.
 photo YouAreMyGirlklein_zps03woxoh9.jpg
As featured designer it is normal to have a special kit. I am doing things a little different, I am making a full series of kits: Path Of Life. Inspired by the path of life we all walk, I make 4 kits with each another phase of life. This week I start with the new beginning of life together. Path Of Life: New Beginnings is alle about babies, whether they grew under your heart or only in your heart (yes, I've thought about the adoption option). Because of the soft blues, pinks, purples and yellows this kit is useful for both boys and girls. Let the new life together start, because the kit is now available with 50% discount.

vrijdag 4 maart 2016

DC#25, #SpringFeelings: Swing Into Spring Bloghop

Het is haast niet te geloven en toch is het waar: de 25ste Designer Challenge van MouseScrappers is een feit. En... ik ben trots om te vertellen dat ik aan allemaal heb mee gedaan! Deze keer kregen we weer een kleurenpalet en hoewel ik eerst moeite had om een goed thema te vinden (aan de ene kant geïnspireerd op Disney, aan de andere kant ook bruikbaar voor diegene die niks met Disney hebben), is het toch gelukt. En eenmaal mijn thema bedacht, was ik niet meer te stoppen. Dus naast een gedeelte als inzending en de freebie voor de bloghop, is er ook nog een volledige kit! Dus scrol naar beneden voor mijn gedeelte van de bloghop en de complete bloghop lijst.
 photo SIS-Romajo-preview-MickeyStyle_zpsja4qcdou.jpg
It's quite unbelievable, but it's true: MouseScrappers' 25th Designer Challenge is here. And... I am proud the tell I joined in all of them! This time we got a color palette again and I had some issues to find a theme with it (it had to be Disney inspired, but should be useful for those non-Disney lovers as well), but I made it. And once I had my theme, I was unstopable. So besides my part as submission and the freebie for the bloghop, I also made a full kit! So scroll down to read more about the bloghop and to download my parts.
 photo SwingIntoSpringklein_zpsnxznkpxl.jpg
As usual I have my part divided in 3 pieces.
You can download the elements here on my blog.
You can find the papers on my Facebook page.
And those who are signed up for my newsletter, will get the alpha during March through that.
Here's the complete bloghop list, in case you get lost:
Chef Minnie Mouse
Romajo <-- You are here!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see the full kit! Although it's already available in my shop!

Featured Designer Retiring Kits Sale

 photo FeatDes2016RetSaleWeek1_zpsdams6kgz.jpg
During my featured designer month, every week I will retire 14 products from my shop. This week I am starting with a big collection of products (a total of 11 different products) and a kit plus 2 add-ons that have been a freebie.
The collection I am retiring is the Key To My Heart kit, add-ons and bundle. You can find most products on this page, but there's 1 more to see on page 14. And I just checked, now with the 75% discount you can get the Key To My Heart bundle for only $2!!! (Just saying...).
The I Love... kit was a previous freebie (so check your stash), but if you missed it, you can now get it with 75% discount as well (a full kit for $.88, that's a laugh, right?). Don't forget about the 2 add-ons I have: the journaling cards and flairs. They can be found here.

woensdag 2 maart 2016

Featured Designer Challenge Week 1

 photo FeatDesAdklein_zpsz4sh2qtl.jpg
Besides new kits and freebies, during my month as featured designer I'll be hosting some extra challenges at With Love Studio. All these challenges give you the chance to get coupons for my store. Today I posted the first challenge, check it out here. The challenge runs for 1 week only and will be closed as soon as the next challenge has been posted!

dinsdag 1 maart 2016

MMT Bloghop: Magical Journey

Thank you for jumping on board the March 2016 Magical Mousetery Tour! If you're following the Tour route from start to finish, you should have arrived here from the DesignZ by DeDe and your next stop will be Mad for the Mouse. If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main Magical Mousetery Tour post to view the master list and get back on track.
arrow2-previous arrow2-next
This time we all made a minikit about getting to our final destination: any Disney park around the world. Whether you go by plane, by car or by boat, it can be found in this bloghop. But if you are not into Disney themed scrapping, at least my part can be used for any type of travelling or going on vacation.
 photo MJ-Romajo-preview_zpsduaax2xv.jpg
I devided my portion in 3 parts. You can download the elements here on my blog (or by clicking on the preview). The papers can be found on my Facebook page (look for the MMT tab). And the alpha will be given away through my newsletter during March (normally every Saturday, although the first one has been sent today).
 photo RoadAheadklein_zpsdk1vmmwu.jpg

March XOXO Collab

 photo xoxo_yourrootsareshowing_fullkit_zps0ryxf7mp.jpg
Het is alweer maart en dat betekent een nieuwe XOXO collab bij With Love Studio. Deze keer kozen we een 'vintage' thema: Your Roots Are Showing. Perfect om je familie geschiedenis te scrappen of voor bezoekjes aan een museum met levende geschiedenis. Gedurende de eerste paar dagen is deze collab (waar ik ook aan heb meegewerkt) met 35% korting te verkijgen. Een gedurende de hele maand krijg je de Planner Kit er gratis bij!
 photo EnglishHeritageklein_zpstz9neb0s.jpg
It's March already and that means a new XOXO Collab at With Love Studio. This time we choose a 'vintage' theme: Your Roots Are Showing. Perfect to scrap your family history or your visits to a museum with living history. During the first days you can get this collab (I worked on this as well) with 35% discount. And during the whole month of March you'll get the Planner Kit for free!

A new month also means new challenges at WLS. This month I am hosting the scraplift challenge. The layout you'll see here is what I made for this challenge! Can't wait to see what you inspires to create. Know you'll be playing for Love Points towards a free XOXO collab!

Featured Designer!

Gedurende de maand maart ben ik de featured designer bij With Love Studio. En dat betekent dat mijn gehele shop minimaal 40% korting heeft! Ja, minimaal, want er zijn producten die zelfs meer korting hebben! Hou de shop, mijn blog, Facebook en nieuwsbrief maar in de gaten!
 photo FeatDesAdklein_zpsz4sh2qtl.jpg
During the month of March I am the featured designer at With Love Studio! And that means that my complete shop is at least 40% off! Yes, at least, because there will be products that have an even bigger discount. Just keep an eye on my shop, my blog, my Facebook page and newsletter.

Want to know what fun things I have in store for you for the next month?
Okay, a few things I can reveal already: 2 blogtrains with (Disney related) freebies (1st one starts today!), a new series of kits: Path Of Life (every week a new phase of life will be highlighted), every week 14 products will retire (all of these are 75% off for one week, then they are gone for good) and I am planning some extra challenges to win coupons to my store! And that's not all... just wait and see!

Here are some sneak peeks of what to expect at the end of this week:
First #SpringFeelings kit, also used for the 2nd blogtrain:
 photo sneakpeekSIS_zpsubjmowew.jpg
And the first kit in the Path Of Life series I made as featured designer series:
 photo sneakpeekNB_zpsody5cer9.jpg