zaterdag 30 april 2016

#SpringFeelings: Olla Vogala

Hebban olla uogala nestas hagunnan hinase hi(c) (a)nda thu
uuat unbidan uue nu

 photo OV-Romajo-preview_zpshwko0rgi.jpg
Alle vogels zijn nesten begonnen, behalve ik en jij. Waar wachten we nog op?
Lange tijd werd gedacht dat dit de eerste dichtregel in het Nederlands is geweest (recente studies maken duidelijk dat dat niet het geval is), zelfs mijn dochter moest dit vorig jaar nog leren voor geschiedenis toen het over monniken en hun leven in de abdij ging. Het inspireerde mij in ieder geval tot het maken van een nieuwe, want elke keer als ik nu buiten loop en vogels zie die bezig zijn met hun nest, moest ik aan deze regel denken!
#SpringFeelings: Olla Vogala gaat over vogels, veel verschillende soorten vogels. De kit heeft zachte lente kleuren in lila, oranje en groen. Het bevat 32 papers , 100 elements en 2 complete alphas. Deze week is het met korting verkrijgbaar!
 photo MorningHasBrokenklein_zpsv0rczurm.jpg
All birds have started their nests, except for you and me. What are we waiting for?
For a long time, this sentence was known as the first poem in Dutch literature (recent studies prove this isn't though), even my daughter had to learn this last year when her history lessons were about monks and their lifes at the abbey. It isnpired me to create this new kit, because everytime I was walking outside and saw the birds getting their nests ready, I had to think about this!
#SpringFeelings: Olla Vogala is about birds, in all shapes and sizes. The kit has soft spring colors in lilac, orange and green. It contains 32 papers, 100 elements and 2 full alphas. This week it's available with a huge discount!

maandag 25 april 2016

Magical Mousetery Tour: June 2016

In December 2015, a BRAND NEW Disney inspired blog train launched - The Magical Mousetery Tour. I'm so excited to announce that I'll be one of the designers joining them on their third blog train, which departs on June 1, 2016.
As part of the countdown for the third train, they have been revealing participating designers 1 by 1 on their blog. Head on over there now to see my feature, learn a little about me and pick up a great discount coupon for my store!
You can find my feature HERE.
You're going to love the submission I've been working on!

Last day of WLS' Birthday Celebration

 photo WLSBirthdayGeneral_zps9ghgcq3g.jpg
Today is the last day of the Birthday Celebrations at With love Studio. Have you shopped? Played in any games? Downloaded the freebies? Won coupons? Well you might want to check the forum and the shop. It's never too late to join a party if it's still going on!

zaterdag 23 april 2016

#SpringFeelings: Go Outdoors

 photo GO-Romajo-preview_zps8r9zixb7.jpg
Het is lente, tijd om weer naar buiten te gaan. Lekker fietsen, wandelen en kanoën en onderwijl genieten van de gezonde buitenlucht. Tevens was het gisteren Earth Day (Aarde Dag), de dag om stil te staan bij Moeder Aarde en al het moois zij te bieden heeft. Deze nieuwe kit in de #SpringFeelings serie heeft stoere outdoor kleuren als bruin, oranje, blauw en groen. #SpringFeelings: Go Outdoors is nu verkrijgbaar in mijn shop en perfect voor je natuur avonturen.
 photo DiscoverAndExploreklein_zpscwf87cmn.jpg
It's spring, time to go outside. Take a ride on the bike, a hike or the Canoe while you are enjoying the fresh air. It was also Earth Day yesterday, the day to stand still by Mother Earth and all the beauty she has to offer. This new kit in the #SpringFeelings series has bold colors like drown, orange, bleu and green. #SpringFeelings: Go Outdoors is now available in my shop and perfect to scrap your outdoor adventures.

maandag 18 april 2016

WLS' birthday Flash Sale

 photo WLSBirthdaySale_zpskhy3grxa.jpg
Everyday a few designers have their shops on sale for 50% off! And these designers change daily. Today I am one of those designers. So if you had your eye on something, you might want to get it right now! You can find my shop here.
During this Birthday Event my Path Of life Bundle is back to $10 again. It won't go with the (flash) sales, it has it's own special price! Also new releases don't go with the birthday sale prices, since they are 50% off anyway!

zaterdag 16 april 2016

Dreaming of... Frolic

 photo DOFr-Romajo-preview_zpsiqoagun6.jpg
Nu de nieuwe Lovely Colors er zijn heb ik de single packs van maart samen gevoegd tot 1 volledige kit. Dreaming of... Frolic is dan ook alleen nog maar verkrijgbaar als kit, de single packs zijn uit de shop gehaald. De kit heeft vrolijke lente kleurtjes en is perfect voor de jonge dieren in de wei en kinderen die buiten spelen. Natuurlijk met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week!
 photo DOFFrolicTimeklein_zpsquiajm8g.jpg
Now that the new Lovely Colors are here, I tuned the single packs from march into a full kit. From now on Dreaming of... Frolic is only available as a full kit, all single packs are removed from the shop. This kit has joyful spring colors and is perfect to scrap about young animals in the meadow and kids playing outside. Of course it's on sale: 50% off for the first week!

vrijdag 15 april 2016

Speed Scrap @WLS

 photo SpeedScrapApril16klein_zpshl2mxtth.jpg
Op dit moment ben ik een Speed Scrap aan het hosten op het With Love Studio forum. Als je mee doet en een layout heb voor de deadline (23.59 uur PDT op 17 april), dan krijg je een Love Point. Bij 10 Love Points per maand krijg je een XOXO Collab. En deze keer heb ik ook 2 alphas als freebie, deze kunnen gebruikt worden tijdens de speed scrap.
 photo SSA-Romajo-preview_zpsejqidkmu.jpg
At this moment I am hosting a Speed Scrap over at With Love Studio. If you join in and submit your page before the deadline (11.59pm PDT on April 17), you'll earn a Love Point. When reaching 10 Love Points per month, you'll get a XOXO Collab for free. And this time I'm also affering 2 free alphas you can use for this speed scrap.
 photo Photo-Shootklein_zps7l5dbpje.jpg

Dreaming of... Courage, April's Lovely Colors

Today is the 15th of the month and that means: new Lovely Colors have arrived at With Love Studio!
This month's colors made me think of butterflies and their courageous transition from caterpillar to butterfly. Of course as a human being we need some courage every now and then as well. Dreaming of... Courage is all about spreading your wings to fly, being brave and strong, and having the courage to stand alone from the crowd. I made 5 single packs this month, each of them is available for only $1 until April 20.
Dreaming of... Courage, Alpha:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-alpha_zpspcfnyyzk.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Elements:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-elements_zpssuf40iix.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Papers:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-papers_zps1wmoy8cy.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Solids:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-solids_zpssltcyabr.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Quotecards:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-quotecards_zpsf7mfcssm.jpg
And a page I made:
 photo DOCHaveCourageklein_zps8f3rgqji.jpg

Happy Birthday With Love Studio!

 photo WLSBirthdayGeneral_zps9ghgcq3g.jpg
Today With Love Studio is turning 4! And you are invited for the big celebration. Lot's of sales (including special flash sales, every day new ones), games in the forum, win your wish games, challenges and a new 'free with purchase' collab. And on top of that all, the designers created a new Happy Birthday collab as well. So make sure you are signed up to the shop, the forum or the newsletter and don't forget to add your birthday and once your big day is there, it will come to your inbox! Just check everything out on the forum and join in the fun!

Speed Scrap today!

 photo SpeedScrapApril16klein_zpshl2mxtth.jpg
Come and join me today at the With Love Studio forum for a messy speed scrap! Times are on the ad! Deadline is 11.59pm PDT on April 17! You get a Love Point towards an XOXO Collab and 2 free (uppercase) alphas for recoloring (and those can be used in the speed scrap.

donderdag 14 april 2016

Last day for single packs of Dreaming of... Frolic

 photo DOFSaleklein_zpsq0f0ote3.jpg
Today is the last day to get March' Lovely Colors as single packs. Tomorrow all packs will be bundled into the full kit Dreaming of... Frolic. So if you are missing the alpha, the elements or the papers, now is the time to get them. They are all back to $1 each and after tomorrow they will never appear as single pack anymore.

dinsdag 12 april 2016

Newsletter freebie

 photo EH-Romajo-preview-newsletter-alpha_zpstp1lxu9q.jpg
Because of my designerversary today, I thought it would be a great idea to change the freebie you get after signing up for my newsletter. But... apperently things have changed at MailChimp and I can't update it anymore (or I can't find it anymore, which might be a possibility as well). So instead of a new freebie for signing up (you still get the old one though) I decided to add this to the newsletters coming in the next weeks. So if you aren't signed up yet, now might be the time, because you'll get this freebie (and some more) with every issue.

Happy Anniversary (wedding and as designer)

 photo Sale40klein_zpsuohc0boz.jpg
It's almost unbelievable, but today it's our weddinganniversary (14 years) and it's been 4 years since I first opened my shop. Tomorrow I'll be turning the big 40. To celebrate I've put my shop on sale: almost everything is 40% off. So if you missed anything during my featured month, you now have the chance to get what ever you would like. But be quick, the sale only lasts today and tomorrow (April 12 & 13).

maandag 11 april 2016

Final week for Dreaming Of... Frolic single packs

 photo DOFSaleklein_zpsq0f0ote3.jpg
This Friday (April 15) the new Lovely Colors will come to With Love Studio. The packs I made for March will be bundled into a full kit and will be available by then as well. If you are missing any of the single packs, now is your time to get them. You can get the alpha, the elements and the papers all for $1 each during this final week as single packs.

zaterdag 9 april 2016

April 2016 Template Pack

 photo TPApril16-Romajo-preview_zpsbkhvngia.jpg
Deze week heb ik weer een nieuwe template pack. April 2016 Template Pack heeft 4 templates met een grote foto en paperstrips langs de kant. Perfect om die ene foto groot uit te lichten.
 photo WeddingAnniversaryTripklein_zpsgjdkwedr.jpg
This week I have a new template pack. April 2016 Template Pack has 4 templates with a big photo and paperstrips along the side. Perfect to highlight that special photo.

zaterdag 2 april 2016

Speed Scrap #204 is about to start!

 photo MSssmarathon2016klein_zpsiyjuywhk.jpg
Are you ready for one of the best events of the year???
The speed scrap I am hosting during the speed scrap marathon over at MouseScrappers will start in about 30 minutes. Are you joining me? The participation prize (and goodies for the goodiebags at the end of the marathon) are add-ons to the Magical Mousetery Tour freebies I had last month. You can download Magical Journey until the end of the weekend, just check it out here. Please note that the others may have put it down already and the only way to get the alpha is by sending me a private message through MouseScrappers or by sending me an e-mail).

Path Of Life, the bundle

Afgelopen maand was ik de featured designer bij With Love Studio. Tijdens die maand had ik elke week een nieuwe kit in mijn featured serie: Path Of Life. Vanaf nu zijn niet alleen de losse kits verkrijgbaar, er is nu ook een bundle te koop met alle 4 de kits. En het kopen van Path Of Life, Bundle heeft een paar voordelen: het is goedkoper (zeker de eerste twee weken, tot 15 april kost de hele bundle slecht $10), je krijgt alle kits in één keer èn alle freebies die ik had gemaakt zitten ook bij de downloads er bij. Dus, mocht je afgelopen maand nog getwijfeld hebben, nu is de kans om alles in één keer te kopen!
 photo POL-Romajo-preview-bundle_zpskau3fmr4.jpg
Last month I was the featured designer over at With Love Studio. During that month I had a new kit every week in my featured series: Path Of Life. From now on you not only can get the single kits, there's also a bundle available with all 4 kits. And buying the Path Of Life, Bundle has some benefits: it's cheaper (especially during the first 2 weeks, until April 15 the complete bundle only costs $10), you get all 4 kits at once and you get all freebies I made with these kits as well. So, in case you were hesitating on buying the single kits, now is your chance to get them all in one!
My pages with all the kits:
New Beginnings:
 photo NB-YouAreMyGirlklein_zpsqb4cf70z.jpg
Growing Pains:
 photo GP-ChooseToBeYouklein_zpsvohztibv.jpg
 photo GP-ChooseYourOwnPathklein_zpshtywfao1.jpg
Love Encounters:
 photo LE-MyOneAndOnlyklein_zpsjqjuevqp.jpg
Fading Memories:
 photo FM-GoneTooSoonklein_zpsl6eak3yh.jpg
 photo SuitcaseFullOfMemoriesklein_zps2wced60i.jpg

vrijdag 1 april 2016

Speed Scrap Marathon at MouseScrappers

 photo MSssmarathon2016klein_zpsiyjuywhk.jpg
Are you ready for one of the best events of the year???
Almost as good as going to any Disney park is the speed scrap marathon over at MouseScrappers. A weekend filled with chats, lot's of scraps and a ton of pages done at the end. And most of all a weekend filled with Disney inspired goodies to make your scrapbooks even more magical.
This year again I am hosting the first speed scrap on Saturday Morning and I am providing the participation prize as well. And... after finsihing either the half or the full marathon you get a fun filled goodie bag as well (and I am donating to that as well... in both goodies and coupons).
So... come one, come all and have a great weekend!

The DigiExpress: It's A Spring Thing

Jaaa, het is weer tijd voor de DigiExpress om het station te verlaten en langs de verschillende blogs te rijden. En nu het lente is op het noordelijk halfrond, kon een kit met lente thema niet uitblijven. It's A Spring Thing heeft zachte pasteltinten, verschillende bloemen en vrolijke beestjes. Laat de lente maar komen!
 photo ST-Romajo-preview_zpscbjzzhen.jpg
Yeesss, it's time again for the DigiExpress to leave the station and pass along several blogs. And now that it is Spring on the Northern Hemisphere, it's quite obvious to create something with that theme. It's A Spring Thing has soft pastel tints, lot's of flowers and happy animals. Just bring on Spring!
 photo ST-ASpringThingklein_zpszbfo2ir2.jpg
Of course I devided my kit in three parts again.
During April you can get the alpha through my newsletter (just sign up here and it comes to you every Saturday).
You can download the elements here on my blog.
And on my Facebook page you'll find the papers (click on the Fan Freebie tab, continue and just download from there).
In case you get lost, here's the complete list:
Pink Tadpole's Tagsss N Tuts
Designs by Romajo <-- You are here!
Ann's Scrap Heaven
Digicats (& Dogs)
Dea's Designs
Dreamn4ever Designs
By Miggins