vrijdag 15 april 2016

Dreaming of... Courage, April's Lovely Colors

Today is the 15th of the month and that means: new Lovely Colors have arrived at With Love Studio!
This month's colors made me think of butterflies and their courageous transition from caterpillar to butterfly. Of course as a human being we need some courage every now and then as well. Dreaming of... Courage is all about spreading your wings to fly, being brave and strong, and having the courage to stand alone from the crowd. I made 5 single packs this month, each of them is available for only $1 until April 20.
Dreaming of... Courage, Alpha:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-alpha_zpspcfnyyzk.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Elements:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-elements_zpssuf40iix.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Papers:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-papers_zps1wmoy8cy.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Solids:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-solids_zpssltcyabr.jpg
Dreaming of... Courage, Quotecards:
 photo DOC-Romajo-preview-quotecards_zpsf7mfcssm.jpg
And a page I made:
 photo DOCHaveCourageklein_zps8f3rgqji.jpg

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