zondag 29 november 2015

CT-call at WLS

 photo creative-team-call-WLS_zps76clgjng.jpg
Are you looking for a position for not just 1 designer but for a complete shop? Now is your chance to apply at With Love Studio. We are looking for some scrappers to join our team. And if you check everything out in the forum, make sure you'll check the other CT-calls as well. There might be something interesting for you.

On that note: I am still looking for someone to handle Social Media for me. Facebook, blog and newsletter are covered, but I am pretty sure there are so many more ways to get out there... I don't know the ways to get there, but maybe you do? We can discuss what part you take care off, but the most important things I am thinking off are Twitter and Pinterest. Of course I would love to have someone who knows how (and where) to enable my products, someone who wants to leave love in galleries in my name (and maybe post my layouts as well) and maybe you can offer something I haven't thought off. What you'll get? Access to all my (new) released products and a lot of freedom for your own ideas. Besides setting all these things up for me, I really need to trust you. I have a small team and we all work together. Anyway, if you are interested let me know by sending an e-mail to romajoscrap@gmail.com!

Some Sneak Peeks

Today I have a few sneak peeks of what's coming on december 1st! The first 2 are part of blogtrains (so don't forget to check back here on December 1st), the last one is part of Santa's Stocking (a special XOXO Collab at With love Studio).  photo sneakpeekHolidaySpice_zpso1t8qiwz.jpg
This first one is perfect for the upcoming Holiday season. It's part of The DigiExpress and has warm pinks and natural greens to spice up your holidays.
 photo sneakpeekMagicalCelebration_zpslr6aonat.jpg
This second sneak peek is my submission to the first Magical Mousetery Tour bloghop. Since it's Disney inspired it's all about magical celebrations. We've been Lucky to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland Paris and our 12.5 wedding anniversary at Walt Disney World!
 photo sneakpeekPeaceOnEarth_zpszzsu3zeo.jpg
This last sneak peek is for Santa's Stocking. In December the designers at With Love Studio have a special collab for you. The designers are paired up together to create a minikit. I got matched to sweet Kiana of Love It Scrap It Designs. We made a minikit with a special message. Our minikit will be put in a grabbag with at least 5 other kits. This grabbag will be available on December 1st at With Love Studio. It will have a special price which goes up a little every week (so you better get it the first week). To go with the several minikits there will be special challenges too!

zaterdag 28 november 2015

#FabFall: November Rain

 photo NR-Romajo-preview_zpsdgsv1zbl.jpg
November... meestal grijs en regenachtig. Samen met januari mijn minst favoriete maand. Echt van die maanden om de hele dag in bed te blijven met een warm drankje en een goed boek. Maar ook een tijd om juist lekker uit te waaien en de regen je zorgen weg te laten spoelen. #FabFall: November Rain gaat vooral over het regenachtige weer, herfst stormen (maar ook de stormen in je eigen leven) en het sombere gevoel dat je soms zomaar kan overvallen. De kit heeft 24 papers, 35 elements en 2 alphas (waarvan 1 een complete alpha is en de andere met alleen hoofletters en getallen).
 photo ColdDrearyDayklein_zpsqw53ryzp.jpg
November... mostly grey and rainy. Together with January my least favorite month. Those are the months you prefer to stay in bed with a hot drink and a good book. But it could be also the time to get out, get some fresh air and let the rain wash your worries away. #FabFall: November Rain is all about the rainy weather, the sorms 9also in our personal lives) and the gloomy feeling you might get. The kit has 24 papers, 35 elements and 2 alphas (1 full alpha and 1 with only uppercase letters and numbers).

#FabFall: Family Time

 photo FT-Romajo-preview_zpswbq6qhhu.jpg
Tijd door brengen met je familie en je gezin, wie wil dat nou niet? Zelfs als je samen niks doet, is het geen verloren tijd. Om dat gevoel te scrappen heb ik een nieuwe kit in the #FabFall serie. #FabFall: Family Time gaat over het samen tijd doorbrengen, het heeft warme kleuren en een beetje een vintage uitstraling. De kit bevat 18 papers, 50 elements en 1 complete alpha.
 photo FamilyTimeklein_zpsuxbyidan.jpg
Spending time with your family, who doesn't like it? Even when you are doing nothing together, it's still not time wasted. To scrap that feeling I made a new kit in the #FabFall series. #FabFall: Family Time is all about being together, has warm colors and a bit of vintage touch. The kit contains 18 papers, 50 elements and 1 full alpha.

vrijdag 27 november 2015

Something new coming my way:
Magical Mousetery Tour

mmt-designer-reveal This December will see the launch of a brand new Disney inspired blog train - The Magical Mousetery Tour. I'm so excited to announce that I'll be one of the designers joining them on their very first train, departing December 1st 2015!
As part of the countdown for the first train, they have been revealing participating designers 1 by 1 on their blog. Head on over there now to see my feature, learn a little about me and pick up a great discount coupon for my store! You can find my feature here. You're going to love the submission I've been working on!

zaterdag 21 november 2015

Glory of Magic, Bundle

 photo GoM-Romajo-preview-bundle_zpsxcifnkvo.jpg
En nu dat de Lovely Colors van november gereleased zijn, heb ik de losse packs van september gebundeld. Glory of Magic, Bundle is nu verkrijgbaar in mijn shop. Het bevat 2 alpha packs, 2 element packs en 4 paper packs. Natuurlijk is de bundle nu verkrijgbaar met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week!
 photo TinkFairyMagicalklein_zpsvytmthud.jpg
Now that the Lovely Colors of November have been released, I bundled the single packs from September. Glory of Magic, Bundle is now available in my shop. It contains 2 alpha packs, 2 element packs and 4 paper packs. Of course you can get it with 50% discount during the first week!
 photo ItsAKindOfMagicklein_zps1wtiietl.jpg

#FabFall: Monster Mash

 photo MM-Romajo-preview_zpsy9gryuft.jpg
Komt deze kit je bekend voor? Heel goed mogelijk dat je hem dan al hebt. In oktober was dit de DigiExpress freebie. Mocht je het toen toch gemist hebben, dan heb je nu een tweede kans. Vanaf nu is #FabFall: Monster Mash te vinden in mijn shop. Natuurlijk met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week. Dat betekent dat je er nu maar $2 voor hoeft te betalen! Bijna gratis, toch?
 photo BooToYouklein_zpsa7ci8yt9.jpg
Does this kit looks familiar to you? Quite possible you already have it in your stash. In October it was part of the DigiExpress bloghop and a freebie. But in case you missed it right then, now you have a second chance to get it. #FabFall: Monster Mash is now available in my shop. Of course it has 50% discount for the first week. That means you only have to pay $2! Almost free, right?
 photo BooToYouParadeklein_zpsvgrce8tz.jpg

vrijdag 20 november 2015

Last day for Lovely Colors, Glory of Hope

 photo newsletterpreview_zpsfgqg2dnn.jpg
Today is the last day to get the single Lovely Colors packs for only $1! Tomorrow they will all be back to their normal price. So if you had your eye on 1 or more packs, now is the time to get them. And if you get yourself 10 packs or more, you'll get an extra kit (Count Your Blessings by Lisa Rosa) for free as well (above the freee with purchase options already available for more than $5 and $10!). So, hurry to the shop and get those packs while they're hot!
 photo TrustYourselfklein_zpsdspwox9k.jpg

zondag 15 november 2015

November's Lovely Colors: Glory of Hope

 photo newsletterpreview_zpsfgqg2dnn.jpg
It's the middle of the month and that means: new Lovely Colors! Since I already made a Glory of Love and a Glory of Faith, I decided to go with Glory of Hope for this month. How little did I know that we all could use a spark of hope after the brutal attacks in Paris last Friday! :(
Glory of Hope comes in 8 single packs: 2 alphas, 2 element packs, 3 paper packs and a wordart pack. All are available in my shop and will be only $1 per pack untill November 20th!
 photo TrustYourselfklein_zpsdspwox9k.jpg

maandag 9 november 2015

Last Day for the XOXO Collab on sale!

 photo XOXOcollab_zpsrwmytljx.jpg
Today is the last day to get the XOXO Collab Grateful Hearts with 35% discount! During the rest of the month you'll get the templates for free when you purchase the collab. Of course you get the templates also if you get your copy of this kit now. So what are you waiting for? A discount and free templates together with an awesome kit!

zondag 8 november 2015

DSD is almost over! :(

 photo DSD15ChallengesWLS_zpsy9ze1lg8.jpg
It's almost over... the best weekend of the year: (international) Digital Scrapbooking Day! All the sales at With Love Studio will end tomorrow. So if you haven't had time yet to shop... now is your time to pick up those soooo needed goodies.
Today is also the last day to submit your entries for the special DSD challenges. Know that when you play in the challenges I am hosting, you'll get a coupon to use in my shop! I am hosting the Super Speedy Speed Scrap and the Gallery Bingo game! Have fun!
 photo iDSDsale2015klein_zpslmsl1jmb.jpg

zaterdag 7 november 2015

Happy (i)DSD!

Today is the day: (international) Digital Scrapbooking Day! Don't forget about all the fun going on this weekend: 2 fb/bloghops, sales, challenges, an extra XOXO collab that's free with purchase and so much more!
 photo iDSDsale2015klein_zpslmsl1jmb.jpg
 photo DSD15ChallengesWLS_zpsy9ze1lg8.jpg
All I wanna say is: Happy (i)DSD!!!

vrijdag 6 november 2015

DC#23, #FabFall: Magic Fall, Bloghop

 photo MF-Romajo-preview_zps1f7mkewp.jpg
Welkom bij al weer de 23ste Designer Challenge van MouseScrappers! Ook deze keer kregen we weer een kleuren palet en konden we ons eigen thema kiezen. De kleuren deden me aan Halloween en aan de herfst denken. En vooral ook aan alle oranje versieringen die we vorig jaar in Walt Disney World zagen in onder andere Main Street. Met recht was dat dus een magische herfst! En dat kon ik dan meteen weer combineren met mijn #FabFall serie. Als mijn inzending voor de challenge heb ik een gedeelte van de grote kit gedaan, samen met een exclusieve alpha. De enige manier om die alpha te krijgen, was door mee te doen. De elementen en de papers zitten ook in de grote kit. #FabFall: Magic Fall is nu verkrijgbaar in mijn shop. Natuurlijk met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week!
 photo MagicFallklein_zpsc6lfrkjx.jpg
Welcome to the 23rd Designer Challege at MouseScrappers! This time we got a color palette again and could choose our own theme. The colors reminded me of Halloween and autumn. And most of all it made me think of all the decorations we saw in Walt Disney World last year in Main Street for example. You can say that was a magic fall! And I could combine this with the #FabFall series I have. As my submission i picked some papers and elements from the big kit I made and added an axclusive alpha to it. The only way to get it, was to participate in the challenge. The elements and papers from my submission can be found in this new kit. #FabFall: Magic Fall is now available in my shop. Of course it has a 50% discount for the first week!
 photo MF-Romajo-preview-bloghop_zps3sdwsyb9.jpg
Besides the release of the new kit, I also made a Mickey Style add-on. It's part of the bloghop and you can download it as a freebie!
The elements can be downloaded here.
The papers can be found on my facebook page.
And the alpha will be send out to those who are subscribed to my newsletter, but only once a week in November (normaly on Saturdays).
Here's the complete bloghop list:
Romajo <-- You are here!
Chef Minnie Mouse
Enjoy the ride and don't forget to leave some pixiedust along your way!

#FabFall: Mystic Morning

 photo MM-Romajo-preview_zpseyle3x3d.jpg
Herfstochtenden hier in Nederland staan er bekend om: mist! Gevaarlijk als je de weg op moet, zeker als het nog niet helemaal licht is. Daarnaast is dit ook de tijd van jaar waarbij je je karateskills weer kan beoefenen, want voor je het weet loop je door een spinnenweb! Dus nadat ik vorige week de #FabFall: Scary Night kit heb uitgebracht, heb ik nu het vervolg. #FabFall: Mystic Morning gaat helemaal over mist in de ochtend, het moment wanneer de zon haar stralen er doorheen werpt en de spinnenweb-karate. Ook deze kit is natuurlijk met 50% korting gedurende de eerste week!
 photo MysticMorningklein_zpsvcmcmo1a.jpg
Autumn mornings here in the Netherlands are well known for it: fog! Dangerous when you have to hit the road, especially when it's not completely light yet. Besides the mist in the morning, it's also the time of the year you find yourself practicing your karate moves while walking through the spiderwebs. So now that i had released #FabFall: Scary Night last week, it's now time for it's sequal. #FabFall: Mystic Morning is all about mist in the morning, that moment when the sun beams through it and spiderweb-karate. Of course is this kit available with 50% discount for the first week as well!

November Template Pack (template challenge)

 photo NT-Romajo-preview_zpswyb4ot3r.jpg
Deze maand begin ik met iets nieuws: een template pack. De aanleiding was het feit dat ik de template challenge host bij With Love Studio. Voor deze challenge is het de bedoeling dat je als designer een template pack maakt. De eerste template is een freebie, als daar de layout mee gemaakt is en dez eis geplaatst in het forum, dan krijg je als beloning de volledige set templates. Heb je geen zin om daar op te wachten? Vanaf nu is het template pack ook verkrijg baar in de shop. November 2015 Templates Pack is de eerste week met 50% korting verkrijgbaar.
 photo PumpkinInvasionklein_zpsqsdiyeub.jpg
This month I started something new: a template pack. The fact that I am hosting the template challenge at With Love Studio was the motivation. For this challenge as a designer you have to create a full template pack. You give away 1 template for free and once the layout has been made and posted in the forum, as a reward you get the complete set. If you don't want to wait for that, or just don't have time to scrap, you can now get the complete template pack in my shop. November 2015 Template Pack is now available in my shop. Of course it has a 50% discount during the first week!
 photo MagicFallklein_zpsc6lfrkjx.jpg
If you want to get this template pack for free, all you have to do is to go the WLS-forum. Download the first template in the template challenge thread. Make your layout, come back and post it in the gallery and the thread. At the beginning of December I'll send out the coupon for the template pack to those who submitted their page.
 photo NT-Romajo-template1_zpsckdusu1y.jpg

donderdag 5 november 2015

Special DSD challenges

 photo DSD15ChallengesWLS_zpsy9ze1lg8.jpg
Hooray, it's Digital Scrapbooking Day on Saturday. And the fun started a little early at With Love Studio! Besides all the sales, some of the designers have some special challenges. You can check them out in the With Love Studio forum. There's a special DSD challenge section for this! I am hosting two challenges. The first is a Super Speedy Speed Scrap and the other is a Gallery Bingo game. Everyone who plays will get a coupon to my shop!
 photo DSD-Romajo-BingoCard-preview_zpsxr4685e0.jpg

Special DSD FB/Blog-hop

To celebrate (international) Digital Scrapbooking Day the designers came up with something fun: a FB/Blog-hop! This time we didn't make you a minikit, but went with templates. Some of us really didn't know how to make a template, so they made some journalingcards, flairs or wordart. Since we celebrate the art of digital scrapbooking, we choose the theme: My Life In Pictures! Besides the bloghop, we also made a huge collab with the same theme. If you spend $20 in the With Love Studio shop you get it for free (the only way to get it) and you'll get the add-on/extras when you spend $25 in the WLS-shop. Anyway, all pieces you'll find along your way hopping from facebook to facebook to blog will match the DSD-collab!
 photo MLIP-Romajo-preview-template_zpsu4mqet8o.jpg
Of course now you are wondering where you can download my template. Just go to my facebook page and you can download it straight away. No need to like my page, but know that every like is much appreciated! In case you get lost along the way, know that you can always go to the WLS-shop to start again! Also note that we are all from different timezones in the world and maybe not every piece is up and running yet. Don't forget to come back!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

 photo iDSDsale2015klein_zpslmsl1jmb.jpg
Het is misschien nog wat vroeg, tenslotte is het zaterdag pas echt Digital Scrapbooking Day! Maar aangezien ik niet wil dat jullie ook maar iets missen van alle sales en de challenges, post ik het nu maar vast. Bij With Love Studio hebben we allerlei leuks voor jullie. De complete shop is minimaal -40%. Er zijn ook speciale acties: -50% (al mijn #FabFall kits die er nu zijn bijvoorbeeld), -60% en zelfs -70% van verschillende producten (ik heb er een paar bundles aan toegevoegd)! Dus tijd om de shop te bekijken!
Naast alle sales, zijn er ook speciale, extra challenges. Met deze challenges kan je coupons verdienen of winnen. Ik host 2 challenges, de Super Speedy Speed Scrap en de Gallery Bingo! Met beide challenges kan je een coupon verdienen van minimaal 40% korting in mijn shop! Have fun en maak er een leuk scrap weekend van!
 photo DSD15ChallengesWLS_zpsy9ze1lg8.jpg
It might be a little early, but on Saturday it is finally Digital Scrapbooking Day! But I don't want you to miss out on any sale or challenge, so I am posting about it right now. At With Love Studio we have all inds of fun for you. The complete shop is 40% off. There are also special discounts: -50% (all of my released #FabFall kits for example), -60% and even -70% (I added a few bundles to that category). So it's time to visit the shop!
Besides all the sales there are some special, extra challenges. With these challenges You can earn or win coupons. I am hosting two challenges: the Super Speedy speed Scrap and the Gallery bingo! With both challenges you can earn a coupon of at least -40% for my shop! Have fun and have a great scrappy, shoppy weekend!
 photo MLIPCollab1_zps3rigkklb.jpg
 photo MLIPCollab2_zpslwzh86v2.jpg

zondag 1 november 2015

XOXO Collab: Grateful Hearts

 photo XOXOcollab_zpsrwmytljx.jpg
Een nieuwe maand betekent ook een nieuwe XOXO Collab. Sinds ik mijn shop bij With love Studio heb, heb ik aan elke collab meegewerkt! Zo ook aan die van deze maand: Grateful Hearts. Een heerlijke kit om te scrappen over wie en waar je dankbaar voor bent.
 photo xoxo_gratefulhearts_fullkit_zps55zgc4kz.jpg
A new months also menas a new XOXO Collab. Since i joined With love Studio with my shop, I made a portion for every collab. Also this month's collab: Grateful Hearts. A perfect kit to scrap about those and what you a grateful for.
 photo BeginEachDayklein_zpsserxot8f.jpg

Lovely Template Challenge

 photo NT-Romajo-template1_zpsckdusu1y.jpg
Een nieuwe maand betekent ook nieuwe challenges bij With Love Studio! En deze maand host ik de template challenge. Dat betekent dat je een gratis template kan downloaden in het November Challenges gedeelte van het forum. Daarna heb je de hele maand om er een nieuwe layout mee te maken, die in de galerij en the challenge thread te plaatsen om vervolgens de complete set templates te krijgen (aan het begin van december). Deze set templates komt komende week pas in mijn shop, maar je kan ze nu alvast zien!
 photo PumpkinInvasionklein_zpsqsdiyeub.jpg
An new month means also new challenge at With Love Studio! And this month I'll host the template challenge. That means you can download a free template at the November Challenges area of the board. You have the whole month to create a new layout with it, upload it to the gallery and post it in the thread to get the whole set of templates (at the beginning of December). This set of template will go into my shop next week, but you get to see them already!
 photo NT-Romajo-preview_zpswyb4ot3r.jpg