zondag 29 november 2015

CT-call at WLS

 photo creative-team-call-WLS_zps76clgjng.jpg
Are you looking for a position for not just 1 designer but for a complete shop? Now is your chance to apply at With Love Studio. We are looking for some scrappers to join our team. And if you check everything out in the forum, make sure you'll check the other CT-calls as well. There might be something interesting for you.

On that note: I am still looking for someone to handle Social Media for me. Facebook, blog and newsletter are covered, but I am pretty sure there are so many more ways to get out there... I don't know the ways to get there, but maybe you do? We can discuss what part you take care off, but the most important things I am thinking off are Twitter and Pinterest. Of course I would love to have someone who knows how (and where) to enable my products, someone who wants to leave love in galleries in my name (and maybe post my layouts as well) and maybe you can offer something I haven't thought off. What you'll get? Access to all my (new) released products and a lot of freedom for your own ideas. Besides setting all these things up for me, I really need to trust you. I have a small team and we all work together. Anyway, if you are interested let me know by sending an e-mail to romajoscrap@gmail.com!

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