zondag 16 december 2012

Year in Review (day 4)

Vandaag is het alweer Derde Advent en de vierde dag van onze Year in Review Bloghop. Het is deze keer Annet die voor jullie een freebie heeft. En niet één, nee zij heeft twee freebies voor jullie, gemaakt met 1-0-0-1 Nights. Deze kit kan je hier in mijn shop vinden.
Today it's Third Advent already and it's also the 4th day of our Year in Review Bloghop. This time it is Annet who has made a freebie for you. And she didn't make just one, no she made two freebies for you using 1-0-0-1 Nights. The kit can be found here in my store.
In case you were wondering: this is what the kit looks like. It's perfect for scrapping those Arabian Nights, meets with an Arabian Prince and Princess and it might be useful for some beachpics too.

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