zaterdag 13 juli 2013

RWB: When Freedom Calls!

Fireworks for Freedom!
Vrijheid: een groot goed, waarvoor in het verleden (en ook heden) steeds weer gevochten werd. Overal ter wereld! En wat is er dan mooier dan die Vrijheid te vieren? Op 4 juli werd in Amerika Independence Day gevierd, morgen viert Frankrijk de Bestorming op de Bastille (Quatorze Juilliet). En aangezien beide landen binnen de Red, White, Blue series passen, komen er deze week dus twee minikits over die landen uit! Beide zijn hier in mijn shop te vinden, met 50% korting deze eerste week!

Bonjour Bastille!
Freedom: a great thing, for which has been fought in the past (and nowadays too). Everywhere in the world! And what's a better to remember our freedom than to celebrate it? On the 4th of July America celebrated Independence Day, tomorrow in France they will celebrate the Attock on the Bastille (Quatorze Juilliet). And because both countries fit in the Red, White and Blue series, I have those two minikits releasing today! Both can be found here in my shop, with 50% discount in the first week!
These are the layouts I made using the new minikits. I also used some of the Basic Things, like papers, glittersheets and elements on these pages. And... I added two more paper packs to the shop as well! Both on sale too! ;-)
Do you like freebies? I do! LOL. So to go with the Fireworks for Freedom minikit, I made two wordarts. You can download them here, no password!
And this is to let you know I'll have a sale next week! I'm also planning on making a kind of 'Build-Your-Own-Grabbag' thing and I will bundle things... but you have to wait for that a little more! Not everything is finished yet. ;-)

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