vrijdag 20 december 2013

Year in Review, day8: August

En al weer de achtste dag van 'A Year in Review'. Dit jaar met de P12-serie (en soms met een extraatje). Vandaag heeft Lisa een freebie met augustus. Je kan het downloaden op haar blog. Vergeet niet om morgen terug te komen! P12-August is alleen vandaag met 50% korting in mijn shop te vinden!
And it's day 8 of 'A Year in Review'. This year we are featuring the P12-Series (and you might find here and there something extra too). Today Lisa has a freebie for you made with August. You can download it at her blog. Don't forget to come back tomorrow! Only today, P12-August is on sale in my shop (50% discount).

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nothing new up at her site...last date blogged in December 12???

    1. Linda, the freebie had been up. I got a bit confused too, but it has been there all the time. Just click on the cluster for August and the download starts immediately! Have fun.
      P.S. You can also download October in advance if you want. ;-)

  2. Sos sorry, just saw it! I'll check with her, but I think she might be a bit under the weather right now. And here in Europe it's almost time to go to bed.... So maybe you have to check again tomorrow! Sorry for the inconvenience (and thanks for letting me know).