woensdag 15 april 2015

Happy Birthday With Love Studio

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear With Love Studio,
Happy Birthday to you!
 photo WLS-Birthday_zpsjb0m7j2x.jpg
Yes, With Love Studio turned 3 this month and we are celebrating with a lot of fun!
First of all there is a store wide sale. Everything is at least 25% off. Every day an other designer's shop is on sale and everything will be 50% off for 1 day in that shop. Keep an eye on my shop on April 18th and April 27th! That designer will have 3 kits on sale for only $1 as well. Awesome deal, huh?
Everyday one customer who bought something at WLS can win a copy of April's XOXO Collab, Choose To Shine, as well. No minimum amount to spend, so even if you buy 1 piece of the Lovely Colors you have a chance to win.
Also if you keep an eye on WLS' facebook page you'll find some chances to win coupons or free kits. So you might want to have look there as well!
And finally, some of the designers have some fun games going on on the forum at WLS too. A relaxed way to get in touch with designers and other members, have some fun and maybe even win something! :D

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