zaterdag 23 juli 2016

Summer Special, Week 3

 photo SummerSpecialWeek3klein_zpsqqahphvg.jpg
Summer Special, Week 3 is here. This week it's all about Water. Water to drink, to play with, to wash the car or water in the pool. And what about waterparks? And don't forget the frozen form of water (there's even a waterpark with a solid water theme). So this week you get #SummerFun: H2O, #WinterMagic: Frozen Splashes and March 2016 Template Pack for only $7.50!
 photo SS2016-Romajo-week3_zpsd1shlwz6.jpg
Don't forget about the challenge I have. If you create a page, this week, and post it in this thread, you can earn $1 towards my shop. The more weeks you play, the more $$$ you get!
Here are a few of my former pages.
 photo AtThePoolklein_zpsndtl63i0.jpg
 photo FrozenSplashesklein_zpszn8jocoh.jpg

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