zaterdag 31 december 2016

New Releases at Scrappy Bee

 photo Romajo-GP-preview_zpsdnvqkneh.jpg
Today I released two kits at Scrappy Bee! The first one is Glamour Party, right in time for your New Year's Eve celebrations and parties. It can also be used for any other party, like weddings, sweet 16 parties or prom nights.
 photo Romajo-LY-preview_zpsuar3grd2.jpg
The second kit is Leap Year, because 2016 happened to be one. So to celebrate that extra day we had this past year and to look forward to the upcoming spring (oh, I know, it's just winter for 10 days, but I am already soooo done with it, lol). This kit can also be used for just general photos of special moments.

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