zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

Yippee Day and Minion Alpha

Vlak voordat we op vakantie gingen zat mijn dochter naar Mickey Mouse Clubhuis te kijken. Aan het eind daarvan wordt een 'Yippee Day' liedje gezongen. Vanaf dat moment zat dat dus in mijn hoofd. Omdat ik natuurlijk best een grote Disney fan ben, vond ik dat ik ook een kit moest hebben speciaal voor die wereldberoemde muis. Gelukkig is mijn nieuwste kit Yippee Day niet alleen geschikt voor de 'mouse encounters', ook andere 'yippee' momenten zijn er goed mee te scrappen. Natuurlijk is de kit in mijn shop te vinden, deze eerste week met korting!
Right before we went on vacation my daughter was watching Mickey Mouse Palyhouse on TV. At the end there's a 'Yippee Day' song (or at least it is at the end of the Dutch version). From that moment it kept singing in my head. And you know I'm quite addicted to Disney, so I thought I needed a kit inspired by that World Famous Mouse. Although Yippee Day is made for those 'mouse encounters' I'm pretty sure it can be used for all other kind of yippee moments in your life. Of course is the kit on sale for the first week in my shop.
Besides the kit, I also made a new alpha to go into my shop. If you've seen Despicable Me you probably know about those yellow fellows called the Minions. I made an alpha just for them: Minion Alpha. Of course this one is on sale too!

Don't forget to hop over to Annet's blog. She has a freebie for you made with the kit and the alpha. Enjoy!
Are you a Mouse Scrapper? If so, you can join me in this week's Weekly Challenge. After completing the challenge (scrap about your Disney yippee moment), you'll receive this add-on. And you also have a chance to win the Yippee Day kit!
Happy Scrapping!

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