zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Forever Young: XOXO Collab

Forever young, who wants to be forever young?
Do you really want to live forever.... forever?

 photo xoxo_foreveryoung_zpsxixy6uqs.jpg
Who doesn't know these famous words? When I was young(er) we used to have a commercial with this song where an old Beagle (dog) was looking at a pic/movie of himself while younger. I don't know what the commercial was about, but I know I loved that dog!
But even with this cute memory, when I heard the theme for this month's XOXO Collab I was more inspired by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying to Neverland where they never had to grow up. So you see that fairy and pirate in the preview? Tey are by me! ;)
Anyway, the new XOXO Collab: Forever Young is all about being a child, searching for the child in yourself, living in the moment and just being young! If you buy the collab, you can add the Journaling Cards to your cart as well.
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