zaterdag 29 augustus 2015

Free With Purchase offer @WLS

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Every week With Love Studio has some great offers for you. Not only are there fun events, the new releases, the Lovely Colors or the XOXO Collabs. Every week 2 different products are offered as a 'Free With Purchase' gift to our loyal custommers. When you spend $5 or more you get a small gift, like a minikit, an add-on, a paper pack or an element pack. And when you spend $10 or more you get a full kit... for free!! The only thing you have to do to redeem your gift is to put it in your cart. Once your cart applies to the conditions you'll see it will be marked down to $0!
This week the 'free with purchase' for $10 or more comes from me. It's the first kit I made in the #SummerFun series and it is still one of my favorites! So if you have been looking for #SummerFun: Movie Under The Stars, now is time to stock on some of the other supplies (like the grabbag, the new release, the XOXO Collabs from 2014 that are currently on sale or the soon to come new XOXO Collab) and you'll get this kit completely free!
Happy Shopping!

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