maandag 10 oktober 2016

Lovely Colors: Dreaming of... Change

It's the 10th of the month and that means: Lovely Colors are here! These colors made me think of the season of change, but also of the winds of change that might blow through your life. So this month we'll be dreaming of change. Dreaming of Change comes in 6 different packs: 1 alpha pack, 1 elements pack, 3 paper packs and 1 wordstrip pack. All are on sale for only $1 till october 15!
Dreaming of... Change, Alpha:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-alphas_zpshettmzwf.jpg
Dreaming of... Change, Elements:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-elements_zpsuvgeso59.jpg
Dreaming of... Change, Paperset 1:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-paperset1_zpsazmmx569.jpg
Dreaming of... Change, Paperset 2:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-paperset2_zpsp6fcwcgq.jpg
Dreaming of... Change, Woodpapers:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-woodpapers_zpsdnlzhko1.jpg
Dreaming of... Change, Wordstrips:
 photo Romajo-DoCh-preview-wordstrips_zpsykkamb8j.jpg

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