vrijdag 6 januari 2017

A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

 photo Romajo-AGBBT-preview_zpsjirwkd9p.jpg
At the begining of the month the Magical Mousetery Tour left for another trip around digiland. The colors and the theme inspired me to create a kit as well. It actually inspired me to create a kit for a specific ride, one with a catchy song that sticks in your mind. A ride that is all about history and progress. A ride that shows the progress during the year (in 4 holidays) and through the decades in technolgy, clothes and history. A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow is not only the name of the song during the ride, it's also the name of my new kit.
 photo Romajo-AGBBT-preview-extraalphas_zpsfapaqctq.jpg
Besides the kit I also created 8 extra alphas. Those alphas go with the kit, with the freebie (don't forget to download them all) and with the Magical Tomorrow theme of the Tour. The alphas are basic enough to use on any page as well. You can find the A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Extra Alphas in my Scrappy Bee shop.

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