vrijdag 6 januari 2017

DC#30: Under African Sky

At MouseScrappers they hosted the 30th Designer Challenge! And, I joined in all of them. This time we got colors again. They made me think of the African savanna while the sun is setting. It also made me think of the Lion King.
 photo Romajo-UAS-preview_zpsatlteba5.jpg
To go with the challenge, I made a full kit as well. All about life under the African sky and on the savanna. The kit contains lions, giraffes and elephants, but also baobab trees and African masks. And when you buy Under African Sky at Scrappy Bee, you'll get my submission for the challenge for free as well. It's included in your download links and contains gradiƫnt papers and 2 full alphas.
 photo Romajo-DC30-UAS-MickeyStyle-preview_zpswu0shclc.jpg
With the challenge and the new release, I also joined in the bloghop. I created a Mickey style add on.
You can download the flairs here on my blog.
The papers can be found on my Facebook page (look for the DC30 tab at the left).
And if you are signed up for the newsletter, the alpha will come to your inbox during January 2017. You can sign up here.
Here's the complete bloghop, incase you get lost.
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