zaterdag 10 februari 2018

Colorful Life

Sparkle and shine like rainbows and unicorns and your life will be colorful. A colorful life is a happy life. Because if you are able to see the rainbow in a grey sky, you certainly feel happier.
For me, rainbows are a powerful sign of hope, trust and prosperity. Even though you have to stand with your back to the sun and with your face in the rain, a rainbow shows there can be something colorful (and beautiful) in every situation. Somewhere, over that rainbow, a colorful life waits, a place anything is possible as long as you believe. So just bring that rainbow into your life, make it colorful and be a unicorn for others.
Colorful Life contains the alpha pack (including 3 full alphas), 3 paper packs (each pack contains 12 papers, making it a total of 36 papers), the elements pack (containing 50 elements, including rainbows, unicorns, planner shapes in sticker style, birds, owls, butterflies, balloons and more) and the basic elements (including flowers, foliage, frames, buttons, ribbons, paint, bling, bookplates and more). All packs were created for January's Happy Hour.
Those who are signed up for my newsletter, will receive this alpha in their inbox throughout February 2018. And the best thing: it can be used with so much more than only Colorful Life or it's add-ons!

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