zaterdag 17 februari 2018

What About Us?

Don't you ever ask yourself: 'What About Us?' We all know those days where we are running like crazy, trying to keep all the balls life is throwing at us in the air and we hardly can take a deep breath. Those days you hardly forget you have a partner/loved one who needs some attention, or where your significant other doesn't pay attention to you. I know those days for sure. Days where I think: 'What about US?' Sometimes we all need a little time spend together with our love, just to re-connect again. Valentine's Day is a great day to go out together, but we should take some time every day or at least every week to get on the same page again.
What About Us? is all about reconnecting with your significant other. Filled with love and with lot's of room to tell your love story, it is the perfect kit for those 'what about us' moments. And you can keep the memory of that special or not-so-special moment. Just tell your (love) story and you will be able to say: This is us!'

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