vrijdag 9 maart 2018

Butterfly Garden

Have you ever visited a butterfly garden? Isn't it a magical place where all those gorgeous butterflies flutter by? And it's even more magical when you visit a special garden event in the happiest place on earth. Inspired by that specific event and part of that specific theme park, this kit can be used for anything spring-ish. From your kids chasing butterflies to anything in your garden. And don't forget your trips to a tropical garden or just those butterflies you'll find in your neighborhood. Or have you been growing your own butterflies and did you release them? Don't forget to scrap that as well.
Butterfly Garden was made with the colors provided for the 35th Designer Challenge at MouseScrappers. When you purchase the kit, you'll get my submission (2 full alphas) as a free with purchase gift as well in your downloads.

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