vrijdag 13 april 2018

Celebrate Me,
Celebrate Us,
Celebrate Life!

Happy April, my favorite and special month! Why it is a special month for me? This past week I not only celebrated my birthday, we also celebrate our wedding anniversary. And to top that, I also had my designerversary! Time to celebrate life, right? And that's why I have 2 amazing kits that can used (and purchased) seperately, but also a bundle so you can mix and match.
The older we get, the less we prefer to celebrate our birthdays. Or maybe we put our priorities somewhere else. On the other hand, sometimes it's good to just celebrate that one person you have to deal with your whole life: yourself! Celebrate Me is perfect to to scrap birthdays and any other celebration. Or to scrap a page about yourself.
Celebrating love, a wedding, an anniversary or just you and your better half together? Celebrate Us is perfect for all those romantic days in your life, when you celebrate that life is good while being together. Just share the love between you and your significant other in your pages and those moments and memories will last forever. Celebrate Us is perfect to scrap weddings, anniversaries and just you and spouse.
Life has to be celebrated. And it's your choice if you celebrate just Me of Us. This Celebrate Life bundle contains this 2 kits: Celebrate Me (all about birthdays) and Celebrate Us (all about weddings and anniversaries). Both kits can be used seperately or together your choice if you want to mix and match.

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