woensdag 25 april 2018

Happy Hour: National Celebration

At the end of April in Holland we celebrate our King's birthday with King's Day on April 27. It's our National Holiday when most people are a day off to enjoy all sorts of activities, from watching the Royal Family making a tour though one of our cities to selling your 2nd hand stuff on a blanket. And from music and festivals to eating and drinking. One of the traditions is to eat orange cake. In some cities the festivities already start on the night before and they go on for at least 24 hours. Most people will go outside to enjoy the activities, the shining sun (most of the time we have great weather), have a drink and just enjoy it all together.
National Celebration is inspired by everything Dutch, the colors and this specific holiday, but should be versatile enough to scrap more than just Holland or King's Day. National Celebration is part of April's Happy Hour: that special event where you can build your own perfect cocktail of papers, elements, alphas and more. I have an alpha pack, 2 element packs and 3 paper packs. And the best part: each single pack is available for only $1 until May 1!

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