donderdag 1 oktober 2015

TDE: Monster Mash Blogtrain

Het is weer de eerste van de maand en dat betekent: een nieuwe DigiExpress. Oktober is natuurlijk de maand van Halloween, dus deze keer hebben we voor dat thema en kleuren gekozen! Monster Mash is het thema voor de blogtrain van deze maand! Veel plezier!
 photo MM-Romajo-preview_zpsjrn6xl8o.jpg
It's the first of the month and that means: a new DigiExpress! October is the month of Halloween, so we choose that as theme and colors. Monster Mash is the new theme for this month. Enjoy the ride!
 photo BooToYouklein_zps8wvuqbac.jpg
Here's where you can download everything:
Elements can be downloaded here on my blog!
Papers can be found on my facebook page.
And the alpha will be my newsletter gift through Ocotber 2015. Sign up here if you aren't yet!

And finally, the complete bloghop list for you:
Sugarbutt Artistic Designs
Digicats (& Dogs)
Dea's Designs
Impish Me in the UK
Craft Poly
Dreamn4Ever Designs
Pink Tadpoles Tags N' Tuts
By Miggins
By Romajo <-- You are here!
A Lil Mz Brainstorm
Ann's Scrapbook Heaven
Meg Scott Studio

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  1. Oh they are lovely monsters and this bat with them, totally cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. Ooopppsss!! I think I deleted something. I just wanted to edit my post. Sorry!! Love the kit. Thanks so much for sharing!!