dinsdag 31 mei 2016

CT Calls

Last call! Please send in your apllications soon!

It's that time again: I have a few CT-calls. So if you are looking for a position on my team, now is your time. You get full access to my products, a lot of space for your input and an easy going team. Check the 3 teams I am looking for some team members.

Layout Artist Team:
 photo CTCall2016LAklein_zpsroc3jzz9.jpg
Are you a digital scrapper (any style)?
What do I ask?
* Create at least 1 layout with new releases and post them in galeries, facebok groups and ISO threads.
* Promote my products in any other way (by playing/hosting challenges for example).
* Be active in my forum and can work on short notice.

Social Media Guru:
 photo CTCall2016SMklein_zpseaphgzr0.jpg
Are you a social media guru?
What do I ask?
* Facebook is covered, but everything else isn’t yet. You are free to set up anything you want (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram).
* Promote my products (kit previews and CT-layouts) on any social media you set up and in facebook groups.
* Be active in my forum and have some fresh new ideas.

Praise & Challenge Team:
 photo CTCall2016PCTklein_zpsioabnca1.jpg
Do you like to browse galleries and play in challenges?
What do I ask?
* Browse galleries and comment on any layout made with my products.
* Be active in challenges using my products.
* Be active in my forum and in galleries/challenges.

How to apply?
If you have what I am looking for, please send me an e-mail at romajoscrap@gmail.com telling me what position you are looking for. Also add a link to your most complete gallery (for layout artist), your ideas about social media (social media guru) or your ideas about praise & challenge team (links to comments you have posted?). Of course you can apply to more than one position. The social media position can be done more people.

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