zaterdag 29 april 2017

Re-release of Path of Life kits

Today I bring you the complete Path of Life series. All kits are released at my Plain Digital Wrapper shop.

New Beginnings:

The first kit is New Beginnings, all about those precious bundles of joy. And not only useful when your child grew under your heart. Even if you choose the adoption option, you are sure to start a new life as a family.

Growing Pains:

The next step is growing up to an independent adult, but it comes with falling and getting up, birthdays, school days and finally a graduation. It sure comes with Growing Pains.

Love Encounters:

Growing up also comes with Love Encounters. Meeting partners for life, finding out you can't get along together very well, breaking up and hopefully ending with that one true love for the rest of your life. It's also that time where you have those happy moments of engagements and wedding days. After this you might start over with the first steps, now as a parent.

This kit also comes with a Wordart add-on:

Fading Memories:

The end of life is near and you find out you have Fading Memories. Or those you loved have passed away and their memories are fading as well. Keep the memories alive by scrapping them, not only for your self, also for your childs childs children.

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