maandag 1 mei 2017

MMT: A Magical Fairy-Tale

Welcome to the May Magical Mousetery Tour "A Magical Fairy-Tale". This time we got some sweet, girly colors to work with. Perfect for princes, princesses and their magical fairytales of hope, dreams and love. Really loving those colors! So besides this bloghop, I am also working on some add-ons to go into my shop next Friday, right on time for (i)NSD!

My part is devided in 3, as usual.
You can download the elements here (or by clicking on the preview).
Pick up the papers from my Facebook Page!
And the alpha is available in my newsletter throughout the month of May. Make sure you are signed up, because this will not be the only goodie for this month!

If you're following the tour route from start to finish, you should have arrived here from FranB Designs and your next stop will be Melidy Designs. Remember, if you get lost along the way, head on back to the main Magical Mousetery Tour post to view the master list and get back on track.
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