zaterdag 6 mei 2017

Special (i)NSD Grabbags

Today is (inter)National Scrapbooking Day and that means: fun, sales and specials. And shopping of course! To help you survive this weekend, my complete shop is on sale through Monday, May 8th.
And I have some specials for you as well: Grabbags to make you save even more!

The first one goes with the Magical Mousetery Tour colors: Tales of Magic Grabbag. This grabbag contains all 4 Princess minikits and is available for only $4!

The second deal is a kind of 'Build-Your-Own' Grabbag. If you purchase this deal, you pay only $5 and get to choose 4 kits out of the 11 selected. It makes you save up to 74%!

And the last grabbag features all 4 kits, plus the wordart add-on, of the Path Of Life series. You get these 4 kits: New Beginnings, Growing Pains, Love Encounters, Love Encounters Wordart and Fading Memories for only $5!
Just a last note: these grabbags are only available for (i)NSD and will be turned off on Tuesday! So if you want them, you have to be quick!

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