zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Tales Of Magic

Finally, the Tales of Magic is ready. I planned on releasing this for (i)NSD at the beginning of this month, but somehow the weeks slipped through my fingers and I didn't seem to be able to find the time to create it. Anyway, it is ready and turned out HUGE! It contains all sorts of magical elements, like sparkles, glitter and gold, fairytale elements like castles, carriages, glass slippers, a dressed mouse, a rainbow, a proclamation sign, a ring and so much more. There are basics as well, like frames, ribbons, wordart, paint, sparkles, borders, stitches, tape and flowers. This kit is perfect to scrap your days at a themepark, your princesses and princes, your book escapes and all those magical moments in daily life.
Besides the huge kit there are also 6 add-ons: solid papers, vintage papers, glittersheets, 5 extra alphas, flowers & foliage and wordstrips. And I decided to turn the Princess Grab Bag back on as well. Those Princess minikits are add-ons too and were still available. Check it all out in my store.

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