vrijdag 14 juli 2017

DC33: Bloghop

Welcome to a new Designer Challenge Bloghop! This time we got to choose: we got a theme (Star Wars) and a colorpalette. It was up to us if we went with the theme, the palette or both. I went with the palette, added two extra colors and with then the 'star' part of the theme. This way it can be used for both the theme and the palette contributions.
For the bloghop I made another Mickey Style freebie. Always useful for those Disney related pages, right?
You can download the elements here on my blog.
The (patterned) papers can be found om my facebook page. Look for the DC33 tab on the left.
If you go to my new Designs by Romajo Fanpage on Facebook, you can download the solids.
And last but not least, the alpha will be available through my newsletters for the next few weeks. You can sign up here, if you haven't done already.

In case you get lost, here's the complete bloghop list:
Chef Minnie Mouse
Romajo <-- You are here!

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